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We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Dhoop Sticks from India and are regularly supplying to more than 40 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany and many other nations across the world.
We feel proud to say that we are the leading manufacturers and exporters of fragrant dhoop stick products that are devoted to nourish the aesthetic instinct of mankind by providing rich conglomeration of traditional Indian aromas.
Right from its inception, our company has been producing and trading Dhoop Sticks of unmatched quality. We have registered a phenomenal growth over the past decades in the Dhoop manufacturing.
Dhoop and incense sticks are composed of aromatic plant materials, often combined with essential oils. Incense and Dhoop sticks are used in religious ceremonies, ritual purification, aromatherapy, meditation, for creating a spiritual atmosphere, and for masking unpleasant odors. Sharma Fragrances offer wide range of Dhoop Sticks that will aromatize your surrounding which will create a perfect and awesome ambience. 
In India, simplicity and culture is not only in the heart of people, it is in the air too. We are the leading exporters, manufacturer and supplier of Dhoop sticks. Over the period of 5 decades we have successfully manufactured and marketed our assorted aroma of dhoops across the globe. Our Dhoop sticks are created with total passion and dedication to mesmerize your senses. Our talent and our aroma technology is reflected in our innovative and wide product variety and ever growing customers around the world.


India has a rich tradition of dhoop and incense making that goes back millennia. Many Indian dhoops and incenses have a unique scent that is not found in any other part of the globe. A uniform and codified system of dhoop and incense-making first began in India. Although Vedic texts mention the use of dhoop for masking odors and creating a pleasurable smell, the modern system of organized dhoop-making was likely created by the medicinal priests of the time. Thus, modern, organized incense-making is intrinsically linked to the Ayurvedic medical system in which it is rooted.